All there is to know Casey Ho

was born in 16th of January, 1987 and she went to whittier college and she lives in Los Angeles, California. She is from Asian decent and her parent also help her in her business today , even though at first it seemed like the wrong career path from their own point of view.

Cassey Ho is a youtube sensation and a now an entrepreneur who majors on social fitness. She owns a website that sells fitness tools and clothings alongside her youtube channel. She tries to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy and playful body image. She has won numerous accolades by being listed as 25 most influential people on the internet by times; she also won the Shorty Award for social fitness. She since started her health and social fitness business in college, where she had to do a part time job to pay for her food and rent a s a pilate instructor. According to here, she found this really physically tiring and then she thought to start uploading her work out videos online on youtube. In a short time she became a youtube partner and you tube started generating traffic to her site. During this time she also discovered that she could sell different fitness products off it including her bags.
Cassey Ho went to china and discovered how she could start manufacturing. She told Forbes that most of her earning comes form youtube , directly or indirectly. This has constantly helped her grow her fan base and given her wider reach to her fans. She also has DvD on different work out sessions on sales and her legendary YOLO day. According to her, this is a day you set aside to eat exactly that fatty or carb piling food that you want to eat before you go back to your disciplinary routine. YOLO , which means “you only live once” is made to encourage people to take on the fitness routine as a lifestyle not a an abstinence period that they eventually move back to.