The use of Bitcoin Lightning Core represents a significant advance in modern transactions

Previously, the processes carried out through the chain of blocks were a bit slow and they had to wait a few minutes to confirm and complete each transaction. Now that is no longer a problem, thanks to the arrival of the Bitcoin Lightning Core.
This innovative procedure is considered as the fastest and most satisfactory, with truly surprising results. Through a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, it is possible to use the SPV wallets (Simple Verification of Payment).

One of the conditions established by this new process is that for each Bitcoin (BTC) that the user had for the month of December 2017, 1 Bitcoin Lightning (LBTC) can be received, thus transforming the coins without causing any damage.
This new Bitcoin Lightning Trezor class has been created as a hard fork or a fork for traditional Bitcoin. It has very outstanding characteristics since it shows an improved mining algorithm, which allows to mine Zcash the newest currency in the market (Equihash).
Using this method, Bitcoin Lightning Wallet is extracted in graphics processing units, also known as video cards or GPUs, obtaining a considerable reward.
The Simple Verification of Payment makes the transactions extremely secure and with the least effort since it is not necessary to download the entire chain of blocks or activate the node completely.
In our website, all the steps to follow to execute the Bitcoin wallets in a simple way and, in this way, have access to the Bitcoin Lightning (LBT) are indicated.
Download version 3.1.2. In your order and follow the instructions, you will check its wide benefits in terms of the security it offers, the understanding it provides to the user and the speed of all the procedures.
In addition, it has an unprecedented feature, as there is no possibility of having any blockage. It also allows verification of checks, for the protection and protection of the user.
Its storage is cold and to make any payment or transfer several keys are required, which represents a multisig system, extremely shielded. The processes are carried out quickly and safely.
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